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About Us

We’re transforming the publishing industry in the Middle East and North Africa by embracing digital technologies, exploring new formats and adopting innovative business models.

Electronic Books

Publishing regional and international titles in the high-growth Arabic e-book segment to satisfy an unmet demand among regional audiences who are hungry to hear stories they can relate to, in formats they want to consume.

electronic books

Audio Books

Reaching new audiences with Arabic language audiobooks featuring stories and works by regional authors, plus new audio translations of global best-sellers from across eight genres - literature, business, children’s, self-development, biographies, classics, art & culture, history & geopolitics.

audio books

Reviving the Classics

Curating the Arabic canon with literary classics from across the ages, comprised of works from the Middle East and North Africa’s greatest authors, poets, thinkers and essayists.

reviving classics

On-Demand Publishing

Delivering content on-demand quickly, simply and in environmentally concisions way to audiences across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as creating opportunities for regional voices to be heard and contribute to new thinking on local, regional, and global issues

on demand publishing

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